Heavy Duty Plus Q2 2022

APRIL 1 ST - JUNE 30 TH 2022 V2_CV_H AUL-MS908CVTRL LNI-1888PRO AME-67300NB EZR-MAGMAT-R SUU-9722CW NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS IN PRICE OR DESCRIPTION $ 39 .99 $ 582 .58 $ 110 .93 $ 131 .99 THE #1 SHOP FOR ALL YOUR HEAVY DUTY TOOL & EQUIPMENT NEEDS ADV-Q2HEAVYDTY1 (Pack of 1) ADV-Q2HEAVYDTY30 (Pack of 30 Flexible Magnetic Organizational Mat MaxiSYS 908 Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Tool w/ Free Autel Trailer PLC Connector Prof 2-Sp 20V Lithium Ion Grease Gun Dual BATT W/FREE PROMO Field Charger & LI-ION BATTERY Nut Buddy' Wheel Nut Remover with Nut Buddy Junior 1/2" Dr Jumbo SAE CrowFoot Wrench Set, 6Pc w/FREE 3/8" Dr SAE Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench Set, 8Pc PRINTED IN CANADA COMPLETE HD KIT See page 6 for more info See page 6 for more info See page 8 for more info CORDLESS & PORTABLE! See page 8 for more info REVOLUTIONARY FLEXIBLE MAGNETIC MAT FREE #AME-67301P FREE #LNI-1871P #AUL-TRAILERPLCP FREE #SUU-9708P FREE