AutoSource Today Q3 2021

SGT-23550 AME-68025 OTC-LDJA2-SET KNT-8201200 FPR-9901 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 2.5L Master Back Probe Kit 3- PC.SUV/ LT Spline Plus Kit 2 Ton Aluminum Jack and Stand Set 8” Twin Grip Plier $25 99 $27 49 $63 99 $579 99 $39 99 TOUGH ON PAINT, NOT ON SKIN FRONT & SIDE GRIPPING JAWS 5 ADJUSTMENT POSITIONS LIGHTWEIGHT! WORKS ON 6 DIFFERENT TYPES OF FASTENERS INCLUDES PIN, FLEXIBLE & CURVED STYLE BACK PROBES PRODUCTS CANNOT BE ORDERED THROUGH THIS CATALOG The information contained in this catalog is for information purposes only and should not be used by consumers to make final buying decisions. Information is subject to change at any time without notice. This catalog is to be used as general advertising material. Latest pricing, product information, and Prop 65 warnings are included at point of sale. Printed in Canada ADV-Q3AUTOSRCE1 (Pack of 1) ADV-Q3AUTOSRCE30 (Pack of 30) Prices limited to supplies on hand. Not responsible for errors in price or description. JULY 1 THRU SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 See page 309 for more info See page 144 for more info NEW See page 286 for more info See page 169 for more info See page 42 for more info