AutoSource Today Q3 2021

LAD-301250047 LAD-ADASPREPLS ADS-IA800 ADS-MA60020 ADS-MA60020 ADS-MA60020T ADS-MAS20 ADS-MAS20T ADS-AS20 ADS-AS20T ADS-LDW20 ADS-LDW20T October 1 to December 31, 2020 2 X431 ADAS Mobile • Introducing Launch X431 ADAS mobile, the foldable and high precise calibration tool.• Easily foldable base and arms, creating freedom for mobile calibration. Micro-adjust frame arms easy for centering and positioning. • Five-line & cross laser instrument offers high precision calibration. • Small and flexible targets are designed for ease of use and storage.• Come with targets for LDW system calibration. Optional RCW (Rear Collision Warning) , AVM (Around View Monitor)targets, BSD (Blind Spot Detection) radar target, night view target. Compatible with the RCW, AVM, BSD, night view targets of Launch ADAS PRO. (Scan Tool not included, software included). Launch Premium Plus ADAS Package • Complete Asian, European, Domestic Target package included Includes: • Calibration Frame, Calibration Panel, Wheel Clamps , Radar Reflector • X-431 Throttle -Professional Scan Tool • ADAS Software • Exclusive ADAS Cart to store Targets and Wheel Clamps MAXISYS IA800 INTELLIGENT ADAS • Compatible w/your existing Autel Standard Calibration Frame, & designed for seamless integration, this new component system optically measures two-wheel clamps to significantly cut down setup time and increase placement precision. Most extensive Camera, Radar, Lidar, & Night Vision Calibration Coverage in the industry. Includes: • 6 High Resolution Cameras • 2 Wheel Clamps for ADAS Calibration • 4 Wheel Clamps for Alignment Verification ADAS All Systems 2.0 • ADASAS 2.0 is an All Systems Calibration Package includes Standard Frame, targets, patterns and components for LDW, ACC, Lidar, Radar, Night Vision, RCW, Lane Watch and AVM system calibrations. Includes ADAS software upgrade, compatible with MaxiSYS Tablet (not included). MA600 LDW 2.0 • MA600 LDW 2.0 Package includes the MA600 Frame, Targets, Patterns Case, & ADAS Software Upgrade to calibrate Lane Departure Warning Includes One-year Limited Warranty. Part # Description ADS All Systems 2.0 (without MS909) ADS All Systems 2.0 (with MS909) ADS LDW 2.0 (without MS909) ADS LDW 2.0 (with MS909) Part # Description MA600 LDW 2.0 (WITHOUT MS909) MA 600 2.0 (WITH MS909) MA600 ALL SYSTEMS 2.0 ( WITHOUT MS909) MA600 ALL SYSTEMS 2.0 (WITH MS909) ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ ☎ Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing. ADAS SUPER SALE 12 Month Interest Free Financing on ADAS Products To Qualified Accounts! Contact your local distributor or scan the QR Code to Apply!! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR FOR MORE INFORMATION q STATIONARY UNITS q PORTABLE UNITS CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR FOR MORE INFORMATION NEW NEW NEW q STATIONARY UNITS q PORTABLE UNITS NEW p High Resolution Cameras Side Target and Stand u p Wheel Clamps and Targets July 1 to Sep ember 30, 2021