Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

ATQ-TS56-1001 ATQ-VT15 ATQ-VT36-0000 OTC-3838 BTC-WRT400PRO ATQ-TS56-1002 LAU-301050373 AUL-700040 $379. 99 $143. 99 ☎ $389. 99 DIAGNOSTICS 93 TPMS Sensor Activation Tool • Used to activate TPMS sensors to reset or relearn the sensor ID • Designed for domestic cars that have a “learn mode": most GM, Chrysler and Ford. The VT15 WILL NOT reset the light on import cars. • Compatible with all current TPMS sensors: Schrader, Siemens, Lite-on, Beru, TRW, Pacific, Lear... • Internet updateable future sensors TPMS DIAGNOSTICS VT56 – OBDII TPMS Diagnostic Tool Kit • The fastest TPMS tool with user-friendly features, advanced software and tool design • Coverage for: Domestic, European and Asian vehicles • Works with universal and programmable sensors • The only TPMS Tool with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcode scanner for Make, Model, Year selection VT36 – TPMS Sensor Activation and Programming Tool • Activates and reads TPMS sensors of all light vehicle brands globally • Programs all leading universal aftermarket sensors. For relearn, use the VT36 with a diagnostic scan tool or follow the auto or manual relearn instructions in the car user manual. Note: The VT36 does not provide OBDII relearn functionality . Comprehensive TPMS Service Tool • Select make, model, year via VIN scan • Comprehensive make, model, year specific relearn procedures • Programs all leading aftermarket programmable sensors • Display OBD2 location on tool screen • TPMS reset via OBD2 on more than 60% of car models • Retrieve TPMS DTC codes on applicable vehicles • RKE testing function • ECU unlocking for Toyota family of vehicles • TPMS sensor part number look-up (OE and aftermarket) • Saves TPMS service history on-board and on PC • Built-in TPMS service help and training • Multi-lingual, 18+ languages OBD II TPMS Tool with Activation, Diagnostic, and Relearn Capabilities • Both a sensor activation and diagnostic device • Features a wireless OBD II module for TPMS sensor registration • Large 3.5" color display featuring easy-to-read icons • 3 years of free software updates Tech400Pro with Bluetooth • The Tech400Pro is wireless TPMS, wireless charging and has wireless data transfer [Bluetooth] • Also test keyless entry and has wireless updating [Wi-Fi] • The Tech400Pro works on more than 93% of vehicles that require OBD communication Millennium TSAP • Receive 315MHz/433MHz Sensor RF signals • Read TPMS Sensor ID, Tire Pressure, and Temperature • Read and Write Sensor ID’s on vehicles that require a TPMS OBDII interface • Display Sensor Status of Four Wheels graphically on display MaxiTPMS TS608K-1 • Kit includes 8 Universal Programmable Autel 1-Sensors • AutoVIN 2006+ / AutoSCAN: All Modules in All systems • 20+ Maintenance Service Functions/ Print Diagnostic Reports • 1 Year FREE Software/ MaxiSYS Shop Manager Applications • 7" Touchscreen/ Andriod 4.4.2/ WiFi Software Updates includes new 1-sensor! July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.