Heavy Duty Plus Q4 2019

200-0150 400-1054 1699500000 1699500001 MVC-500-0100 BSD-1699500000 BSD-1699500001 RDL-95-0121 OTC-6522 RDL-95-0400 MVC-500-0150 MVC-500-0150NA MVC-200-0150 MVC-400-1054 RDL-95-0003C PRF-PROS-25 PRF-PROS-500T $909. 99 $799. 99 $1,149. 99 ☎ ☎ $539.99 $55.99 ☎ ☎ ☎ $1,249. 99 $849. 99 $46.45 36months FINANCE FORONLY $50.49 36months FINANCE FORONLY DIAGNOSTICS 77 Cool Smoke EVAP Leak Detection System • Does not use a heat source to generate it’s UV Dye Enhanced Smoke • Produces a high density smoke immediately (no warm up time required) • Does not require the use of nitrogen or other inert gases • Dual mode leak detection feature allows for leak testing with or without smoke • Pressure and vacuum leak diagnostics • Includes smoke solution with UV enhanced dye, accessory kit and 50 watt light to easily locate leaks Cool Smoke ® HP Leak Detection System • The Cool Smoke ® HP is the next generation of diagnostic leak detection for GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) and diesel engines. It measures system pressure decay, leak sizes and flow rates accurately with high precision sensors and electronic controls. • Delivers dense smoke across its entire operating range of 3-60 PSI. No need to reduce the smoke output at higher pressures. • 3.5" digital LCD display with easy to read interface, integrated software and Bluetooth ® capability • Operates on 12 or 24 Volt DC • Multiple languages and units of measure • The Cool Smoke ® HP comes with a UV Phazer™ UV leak detection light, white light flashlight, batteries and UV glasses, and is factory-filled with Cool Smoke ® Fluid TRAILER TESTING & SMOKE MACHINES DIAGNOSTIC SMOKE MACHINES HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester • Produce leak detection "smoke" at higher pressure than standard machines (up to 20psi) for higher pressure systems • Higher flow rate fills the system with smoke up to 5 times faster • Ideal for finding leaks in exhaust after-treatment systems • Test entire system, from intake to exhaust, in one 15 minute test • High-pressure and large volume systems found in heavy-duty truck and turbocharged passenger vehicles HPK 200 Accessory Kit • Test multiple heavy-duty vehicle systems with adapters • Enables testing of exhaust & cooling systems • Adapter kit built for long shop life & compatibility with HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester (Above) Air Brake Nano Leak Finder • Quickly tests and precisely locates high pressure Air Brake, Air Suspension, and Air powered system leaks with 100% reliability • Utilizes test pressure up to 9.3 BAR (up to 135 psi) • Professional grade equipment comes with all accessories needed to work • Runs on compressed air and 12V DC LeakTamer™ Evap System • Includes Leak Tamer unit, White/UV combination light with laser pointer, UV glasses, EVAP adapter tool, exhaust cone, cap plug adapters, removal tool, smoke producing solutions (enough solution for 500 tests). ReadySmoke Leak Detector • Compact size fits securely in your tool box drawer • Simple to operate, ReadySmoke saves time and makes you money • Comes with everything you need • Included vapor producing fluid lasts hundreds of tests Part # Description Cool Smoke ® HP with Turbo Adapter Kit (#200-0150) Cool Smoke ® HP without Turbo Adapter Kit Cool Smoke ® HP Turbo Adapter Kit • Allows simple hook-up to turbo systems • Kit includes: multiple step adapters (1-3/4" to 3" in sizes), silicone hoses, hose clamps, adapter plug Cool Smoke ® Fluid with UV Dye, 200 ml Refill Bottle Smoke Pro® Total-Tech® • Greatly Reduce Diagnostic Time: Pays for itself in less than 30 days • Improve Accuracy of Repairs: Eliminate comebacks by verifying that leaks are repaired completely • Includes: Smoke Pro® w/ Extended 2yr Warranty, Easy INTAKE™, Fluid, Halogen Light, EVAP Service Port Tool, EVAP Schrader Removal Tool, Cap Plug Kit, Case ELF™ PRO Smoke Machine • THE ELF™ is the world's LIGHTEST and SMALLEST fully capable smoke machine weighing in at only 5.2 lbs. • Uses shop air and has a fixed air pressure rate (1.5 psi) so as not to harm the EVAP system and other vehicle systems. • New CeramiHeat® Technology - Our patent pending ceramic heater creates a thicker, denser smoke, faster • Detachable cables and hoses - Our field-serviceable cables and hoses guarantee less downtime TURBO™ PRO Smoke Machine • Locates leaks in cars & turbos, it's like having 2 machines in 1 • Include 2 newly redesigned Bladder Blockers™. • Built In air compressor making this unit totally portable • Turbo Mode has fixed air pressure rate of (15 psi) to test the turbo • Regular mode rate of (1.5 Psi) so not to harm the EVAP system • Built-in Flow Meter- determines the leak amount as Small As 0.10” • Built-in Flow Meter- determines the leak amount as small as 0.10” • Unit Weight 18 lbs. / 8kg October 1 to December 31, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.