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OTC-3893-LTW OTC-3896-LTW OTC-3210 OTC-3209 OTC-3208 OTC-3914 OTC-3893 OTC-3896 OTC-3925 OTC-3970 BSD-1699501320 ☎ $749. 99 $889. 99 ☎ ☎ ☎ $93. 99 $147. 99 $344. 99 $299. 99 $264. 99 DIAGNOSTICS 54 SCAN TOOLS Encore Professional Diagnostic Tool • Domestic, Asian and European coverage, tests, bidirectional controls and more • Quickly scan all modules for a custom pre- and post-scan report • Fast, easy to use Android system helps you fix cars faster • 7-inch touch screen and rubberized housing designed for shop environments • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for use with connected OTC tools and web-based repair systems Evolve Expert Scan Tool • The same benefits of the Encore with a 10.4-inch screen and more • Wireless VCI is also J2534-compliant for use with OEM software and a separate PC • Dual WiFi cards create a stronger signal to shop WiFi and wireless VCI • Color wiring diagrams included with annual software subscription • Extra-bright screen visible in nearly any light 1 Year Software Update 1 Year Software Update OBD II and ABS Scan Tool • Use Read/Erase hot keys to quickly view and erase codes and turn off the lights • Live Data allows you to view vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs in real time, while the engine is running • Live Data information helps pinpoint the problem components for a faster diagnosis OBD II, ABS, and Airbag Scan Tool • Live Data with color screen tool. Updated with 2013 model year coverage • Record and playback Live Data • Monitor battery, alternator, and charging systems • Works with all 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II, CAN, EOBD) • View all modes OBD II global data including oxygen sensors and Mode 6 • Reads and displays ABS and Airbag codes for most 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles CodeConnect ® with ABS & Airbag • Now with Brake service, steering service, oil and battery resets, including EPB caliper, steering angle and BMW brake pad sensor resets • Live data with color screen scan tool • Record and playback live data • Monitor battery, alternator and charging systems • View all modes OBD II Global data including oxygen sensors and Mode 6 • European ABS Codes and Definitions Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester • Test automotive batteries and create health reports • Works on 6V and 12V automotive batteries - regular flooded, enhanced flooded, AGM, EV and start-stop. • 12V/24V charging/starting systems tests • Test battery charging system to gauge alternator health and troubleshoot charging issues • Email test results (stores 2,000 test records) ADS 325 Diagnostic Scan Tool • Full system coverage for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles covering all makes/ models • Auto ID VINs, read all DTC types from all controllers, view data PIDS, perform bi-directional controls • On-tool and online repair information: confirmed fixes, maintenance procedures, component,etc. Includes: • ADS 325 tablet • AC power adapter • OBD II cable with light and voltmeter ADS 625 Diagnostic Scan Tool • Wireless VCI and J2534 pass-thru hardware expands your diagnostics into programming • Industry-leading full color OE system wiring diagram access at your fingertips • On-tool and online repair information: confirmed fixes, maintenance procedures, component locations, etc. BAT, 120 Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester • The BAT 120 is a wireless battery and starting/charging system tester used with the Bosch ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic tools. The BAT 120 sends data directly to an app pre-installed on the Bosch ADS tools, saving time and putting more vehicle diagnostic information on the scan tool. • Includes: Battery tester, Leads, & Clamps April 1 to June 30, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.