HeavyDuty Q3

LAU-301180595 LAU-301190338 LAU-301050450 LAU-301240016 LAU-301020572 LAU-301190246 LAU-X431-SW LAU-301020574 LAU-301020576 % % % % $799. 99 $799. 99 $699. 99 $729. 99 $769. 99 DIAGNOSTICS 53 SCAN & DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS PRE / POST REMOTE SCAN TOOLS DIAGNOSTIC TOOL ACCESSORIES X-431 Throttle Pro Scan Tool • Android™ 7.1 custom system, Qualcomm 8-core processor, 10.1” capacitive touchscreen • Industrial design, IP65 protection level for water & dust, perfect for shop environments • Fifth Generation Wi-Fi technology (Dual 5-GHz); Upgraded camera, front 8mp and rear 13mp • Supports Intelligent / Remote diagnosis • Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, I/M Readiness, Data streams, Actuation tests • Includes: Docking Station and 2 Years Software Updates BEST X-431 Torque • Features a 10.1" WXGA, IPS Display • Intelligent VIN Acquisition and Decoding Feature • Open Android™ 7.1" w/ Google™ Play • Tech to Tech Remote Diagnostics: Support remote diagnostics between shops or technicians. • New Technology Bluetooth™ Wireless OBD communication for the fastest cordless experience GOOD Roxie W • Automatic vehicle detection and scan initialization as soon as you plug in – no interaction needed • Wi-Fi enabled - shop’s Wi-Fi or Mobile Hot Spot • Easy to operate - just plug in and go • 5” Color touch screen display • Long battery life - one month & above • Enhanced all module scan - codes and data stream • Generic OBD II only with readiness monitor status Roxie C • Pre and post report will automatically send up to five email address • Enhanced all module scan: codes and data stream • Automatic updates • Easy to operate-just plug in and go • Cellular toggling story or mobile hot spot enabled • Generic OBD II only with readiness • Monitor status Scopebox • Turn your PAD II into a 4 channel Lab Scope. • Quickly captures suspect/intermittent signals for waveform analysis. • Save time on vehicle diagnosis while cutting down on unnecessary parts X-431 HD add on Module • Read and clear codes on All HD modules • Read live Data on HD Truck modules • Communicates via Blue tooth or hard wired to the vehicle • Download the HD Truck app and work on 12 volt or 24 volt systems • Extensive model coverage CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Freightliner, International, KW, Peterbilt, Sterling, Volvo • Powerful special functions Component Replacement, Cylinder Compression Test, Injector Cut Out Test, DPF Regeneration X-431 Diagun Tool Full Package Software • New automotive diagnostic product with the technology of Open Control Platform for Vehicle representing the highest level of automotive diagnostic technology • Features: • All inclusive software coverage • Over 400 software updates each year • OE specific software across 42 vehicle manufacturers • Up to date coverage of European, American, and Asian vehicles • Petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid, and light commercial vehicles supported Sensor Box • Turn your Launch Scan Tool into a unique Sensor Simulator • Allows you to create and modify all kinds of signal parameters • Built-in digital Multimeter function, display voltage, resistance and frequency Battery Box • Add Battery Testing capabilities to your Launch Scan Tool • View and test results in full color, along with test data & report printing capabilities Includes 2yrs software Includes 2yrs software & docking station ADAS COMPATIBLE PRODUCT April 1 to June 30, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.