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PWP-PPECT3000 PWP-ECT3000B PPM-PP405AS PWP-PP3LS01 PWP-PPT5VA01 PPM-PP401AS PWP-PP319FTC PWP-PP319FTCBLK PWP-PP319FTCBLU PWP-PP319CARB PWP-PP319CAMO PWP-PP319FIRE PWP-PP319FTCGRN PWP-PP3EZCAMOAS PWP-PP3EZCARBAS PWP-PP3EZGRNAS PWP-PP3EZREDAS PPM-PPTM01AS PWP-PPKIT03S PWP-PPKIT04 $225. 99 $25. 49 $121. 99 $254. 99 $185. 99 $254. 99 $157.99 $157.99 $157.99 $157.99 $157.99 $157.99 $157.99 $191.99 $191.99 $191.99 $191.99 $344. 99 $354. 99 $424. 99 TESTING & ELECTRONICS 38 ECT3000B Circuit Tracer Rec and Trans ONLY Power Probe IV Diagnostic Circuit Tester-Green CIRCUIT TESTERS & ACCESSORIES Power Probe III Circuit Tester and Test Lead Set Combo Kit • Kit includes the Power Probe III circuit tester and numerous variations of connectors and adapters (#PWP-PPLS01) Power Probe IV Diagnostic Circuit Tester • Voltage rating: 12-24 VDC • Large colour LCD screen • Circuit breaker: self-resetting • DC Voltmeter: 0-200 VDC • AC Voltmeter: Peak to Peak/TRMS/Avg • AC Peak Min/Max • Frequency & duty cycle • Ohmmeter: 0-10 K Ohm • Live resistance test • Auto-ranging • Diagnostic modes: fuel injector tester, PCM & ECM driver tester, signal tracer • Visual navigation menu • 23 ft. jumper leads Power Probe ECT3000 Electrical Circuit Tracer Open/Short Finder • Intelligent short and open finder makes locating short and open circuits quicker and more accurate • Quickly determine if the circuit has an open or shorted • Receiver detects the signal emitted from the transmitter through the vehicles wiring, notifying the user of distance and direction with adjustable height sensitivity vehicles wiring, notifying the user of distance and direction with adjustable height sensitivity Part # Description Red Black Blue Carbon Fiber Camo Fire Green Power Probe 3 with Case and Accessories • The Power Probe III Circuit tester with the ability to supply Power or Ground with an indicator tone and bright-white LED headlamps • Digital Voltmeter with Min/Max Voltage Capturing • Supplies Power and Ground • 4mm Banana Jack • 20 Foot Power Lead • Tests for Bad Grounds/Short Circuits DC Voltage Tester • Safely stimulate sensor reference voltages and outputs Part # Description Camo Carbon Fiber Green Red Power Probe 3EZ with Case & Accessories • Test voltages and power up components on and off the vehicle • EZ Learning software, teaches the user how to operate the tool 1. Easy Learning – Teaches a new user how to use the functions in the tool. 2. Easy Diagnostics – Guides a user through simple tests, Battery, Charging, Fuse Testing and Voltage Checks. 3. Upside Down? No Problem with a new flip screen. 4. Safety First. Included 8 amp thermal circuit breaker. Tips & Tricks All in one tool with DC Voltmeter, MIN, MAX, and Peak to Peak mode, along with audio signal capability. Power Probe TEK Maestro • Bluetooth® application that works with Android and iOS devices for greater diagnostic functionality • EZ Learning videos to teach the end-user how to use the tool to its maximum capabilities • Guided Diagnostics screens to help the end-user to complete the most common applications • The most advanced Power Probe tool yet! Standard 4" Tip 2.2" Color Screen Clear Button MUTE Button Speaker PAIR Button Multidirectional Arrow Keypad & MENU Button FLIP SCREEN Button Replaceable Rocker Switch and Replaceable Circuit Breaker on backside Red & Green LED Indicators for Positive & Negative Power Probe Master Combo Kit w/ Circuit Tracer Kit includes: • #PPLS01: Complete Lead Set • #ECT3000: Intelligent Open/Short Circuit Tracer • #PP319FTC: Complete Power Probe III Kit Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit, Red April 1 to June 30, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.