Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

TM KKC-JNC311 TCB-ES400 KKC-JNC318 TCB-ES580 CAL-560 CAL-550 SHM-DSR128 SHM-SL1316 PLT-99301 PLT-99300 SHM-SL1317 $113.99 $109.99 $159.99 $147.99 $205. 99 $137. 99 $304. 99 $167. 99 $203. 99 $233. 99 $175. 99 BATTERY SERVICE 35 POWER BANKS / JUMP STARTERS 12V Lithium Polymer Jump Starter and Power Supply • Includes: emergency flashlight, smart clamps, AC charger, 12V 10A output to power small accessories, 12V female adapter (included with JNC318 and ES580 only) • Reverse polarity protection; Reverse charge/backfeed protection; Over-voltage protection; Under-voltage protection; Overheat protection; Short-circuit protection • 1 year limited warranty Part # Peak Amps Start Assist Amps Starting Capacity Battery Capacity PreHeat Technol. USB Ports (2.1 A) Repair Service Coupon 500A 250A Most V6 11,100 mAh Single ● 500A 250A Most V6 11,100 mAh Single 700A 330A Most V8 18,000 mAh ● Dual ● 700A 330A Most V8 18,000 mAh ● Dual 12V Female Adapter included with JNC318 & ES580. 450 Amp BOOST MAX 12V Jump Starter/Power Bank • Peak current: 900A • Jump-starting of trucks, cars, boats, ATV, etc. • Charges electronic devices, phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, etc. • Powerful, high capacity Nano Lithium battery • Fast charging with low self-discharge cycle • Up to 1500 charging cycles • Includes Smart-Clamps with built-in safety and diagnostic features • Four different types of charging modes: 5V 2A, 5V 1A, 19V 3.5A, 12V 10A • Overcharge and over-discharge protection • Dimensions: 9.13" L x 3.5" W x 1.13" H 400 Peak Amps Allstart Boost Portable Power Source with Jump Start Function • 300 cold cranking amps • 12,000 mAh high capacity fast charging battery with low self-discharge • For use on V8 5.4 and smaller gas engines • Improved intelligent clamps • Features 12V emergency start, USB port and LED flashlight with (3) lighting modes: Standard, Strobe, SOS • Includes: jumper cables, universal USB charging adapter, DC charger ProSeries 12V Li-Ion Jump Starter with USB • 2000 Peak Amps / 650 Cranking Amps • 2 Lithium-iron phosphate batteries • Scrolling digital display • Charging LED indicator • Push button controls • Dual 2.1A USB ports 1000 Peak Amp Lithium Ion Jump Starter/ Portable Power • For emergency jump start and charging portable electronics • Quickly jump start vehicles, great for power sports, motorcycles and 4-6 cylinder cars • TSA checkpoint friendly extra power during air travel • 2A USB port 2X faster charging for all USB devices, • 12V DC port adaptor charge your 12V DC devices when traveling 12V 18000mAh Lithium Portable Jump Starter • Output: 1200 Peak Amps / 600 Cranking Amps • Starts vehicles with up to 9.6L gas and 7.0L diesel engines • 19V output to charge laptops • 12V output to charge DC devices • Working temperature range: 14° F to 140° F 12V Ultra Capacitor Jump Starter • Always ready for use when you need it • Output: 700 Peak Amps / 350 Cranking Amps • Capacitor can fully charge in 45 seconds • LCD intelligent display provides battery voltage and condition • Maintenance free design – no need to recharge during storage • Working temperature range: -40° F to 150° F 1000 Peak Amp Lithium Ion Jump Starter/ Power Pack • Works with vehicles up to 10 cylinders • Safe smart cable/clamps • 3A input/output USB port • 2.4A USB port • Built-in 3-mode LED light July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.