Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

ASO-6042 AMR-SB-5/2 AMR-BCT-200J MDT-MDX-700HD SOL-BA9-O AMR-RC-300 AMR-BVA-300 AMR-SB-300 SOL-BA9 ATD-5490 $77. 99 $454. 99 $444. 99 $364. 99 $77. 99 ☎ $221. 99 BATTERY SERVICE 33 HD BATTERY TESTERS DIGITAL BATTERY TESTERS 500-Amp Carbon Pile Load Tester with Battery Electrical Systems Tester • Easy-to-read LED voltmeter and ammeter • 500 Amp safety clamps with “Flexi-Spring” and patented side terminal adapters • Heavy-duty single extruded leads for testing up to 15 feet apart • Inductive pick up included • Convenient heavy-duty tilt back cart with 8 inch wheels and 2 trays included • Made in USA 800 Amp Variable Load Battery/Electrical System Tester • 100-1600 CCA • Includes 15 second timer Applications: • 6V & 12V automotive & commercial starting batteries • 12V starting and charging systems 6 Volt Tests: • Battery check and load test 12 Volt Tests: • Battery check • Load test • Alternator regulation test & starter draw test Heavy Duty Truck Electrical System Analyzer • Tests alternator charging voltage, ripple amount and starter current draw • Will quickly and accurately test up to 4 batteries at one time • Tests flooded and AGM batteries and starting/charging circuits • Compatible with 12/24v charging and starting systems • Advanced Digital Pulse Load (DPL) true 120 amp load • Preventative maintenance testing option for fast results of key data Heavy Duty Electrical System Analyzer Battery, Starter and Alternator Testing • The MDX-700 Heavy Duty tester combines individual or pack battery tests, with full system testing diagnostics, including starter and alternator • Battery Routines for 1-6 batteries • 15’ tester cable 12V Digital Battery & System Tester • 40-1200 CCA • Tests multiple battery types • Operating range: 7-15V • Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection 4-50 Ah Intelligent Handheld SLA and STANDBY Battery Capacity Tester • Tests SLA , Flooded, Gel Cell, or AGM batteries • Also tests discharged batteries and detects bad cells • Applies a true 40 amp load during testing to simulate real world operating conditions • Tests 6V and 12V batteries rated between 4AH - 50AH • Test battery's amp hour (AH) capacity, voltage and % of charge, state of health BVA-300 Intelligent Handheld Electrical System Analyzer • Tests flooded, deep cycle, and AGM batteries with CCA range of 100-1600 • Detects discharged batteries, bad cells, and tests starter and alternator • Utilizes advanced Digital Pulse Load (DPL) applies a true 40 amp load • Measures true CCA, voltage and percent of charge, and the battery's state of health Handheld Battery Tester - AGM • Test flooded, deep, cycle and AGM batteries with CCA range of 100-1600 • 30"- 16 gauge lead with professional grade clamps that are easily field servicable • Battery test results include: Measured true CCA, voltage and percent of charge, and the battery's state of health • Automatically stores the last 100 tests in memory • Applies a true 40 amp load during testing to simulate real world operating 12-Volt Electric Battery & Electrical System Tester • Conductance test for 12V charging and starting systems • Tests both flooded lead acid and AGM batteries 100-1400 CCA • Low voltage / Bad cell indicator lights EXCLUSIVE COLOR! 40-1200 CCA 12 Volt Digital Battery & System Tester, Orange July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.