HeavyDuty Q3

SHN-KGTC72W DEV-192218 KIM-75190 KIM-75260 SHN-87045 SHN-87044 SHN-81874 SHN-83187 SHN-83311 SHN-KGTPS2L SHN-KGTC2L SHN-KGTO2L SHN-HVY2LKGT SHN-KGTPS250 SHN-KGTC250 KIM-33933 KIM-33944 NPG-25201 GJO-8150-12 GJO-6396-06 GJO-6301-01 $21. 69 $21. 69 $26. 77 $17. 49 $29. 99 $29. 99 $40. 99 $25. 49 $15. 75 $38. 99 $28. 49 $26. 49 $2. 04 $8. 89 $4. 59 $41. 99 $41. 79 $25. 49 $7. 80 $15. 33 $5. 49 SHOP CONSUMABLES 309 KrestoGT™ Cherry Scrubbing Wipes, 70 Count Canister • Dual sided scrubber towels remove the toughest dirt, grease, grime, sealants and adhesives, yet is kind to hands and tools Scrubs Hand Cleaner Towels • Pre-moistened • Deep-cleaning scrubbers remove paint and embedded soil easily; • Residue-free; silicone-free • 72 towels per container Absorbent Blue Shop Towels in a Box for Home or Work • Handles grease and oil • 1 towel can be used again and again • 200 towels per box Lint-Free, White Rags In A Box • Heads are drop forged polished steel • Handles are from finest quality fiberglass HAND CLEANER Kresto® Classic Hand Cleaner 2,000 mL Softbottle® • Both a scrubber and cleaning system to handle extra-heavy duty soils such as greases, oils, soot, carbon black • Cleans deep within the pores without damaging the skin. Kresto® Hand Cleaner 2,000 mL 1-Pump Cartridge • Special hand cleanser • With natural scrubbing-agent ASTOPON ® • Very powerful cleansing action • Contains skin protectant EUCORNOL ® • With special solvent Kresto® ATP Hand Cleanser, 2,000mL Softbottle Solopol® Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner - 2,000ml Softbottle® • For medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt. • Solvent-free • Excellent skin compatibility • Contains all natural walnut shell scrubbers • 2000ml Softbottle® for use with Softbottle® Dispenser. Estesol® Classic Hand Cleanser 2,000mL Softbottle® • Mild cleansing action Contains skin-compatible sugar surfactant • Economical to use KrestoGT™ Paint Shop, 2L Cartridge • Paint Shop formula for removing oil-based paints, lacquers, adhesives, sealants, and tar • Natural, biodegradable, walnut shell scrubbers • Ideal for replacing thinners and other technical solvents • VOC/CARB Compliant KrestoGT™ Cherry Turbo, 2L Cartridge KrestoGT™ Orange Boost, 2L Cartridge KrestoGT™ 2L Wall Dispenser • For cleaning heavy grease, grime, graphite and oil from hands • Fresh orange scent with conditioners • Natural, biodegradable cornmeal scrubbers • Won’t clog drains KrestoGT™ Paint Shop, 250mL Tube Flip Top KrestoGT™ Cherry Turbo, 250mL Tube Flip Top Krew® 500 Twin Pop-Up® Heavy-Duty Shop Towels • Heads are drop forged polished steel • Handles are from finest quality fiberglass CLEANING TOWELS & SCRUBS Krew® 600 Twin Pop-Up® Heavy-Duty Shop Towels • Twin Pop-Up® Box • For critical tasks such as rebuilding transmissions for final prep wipe • Extra low in lint • Blue 1-ply, 12.1" x 16.8" • 180 shop towels/box, 1 box/ case PIG® Universal Light-Weight Absorbent Mat Roll, 15” x 50’ • Faster cleanup—handle the mess and get back to work • Easy to use—just put it down, let it work and pick it up • Quickly absorbs and retains all common automotive fluids and solvents • Contains 50% recycled fibers • Perforated for easy tearing to the size needed HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner, 5 fl oz Tube • Helps prevent dry, cracked skin by maintaining skin's moisture level • Absorbs quickly with no greasy after-feel • Silicone and fragrance free • Dermatologist tested • Latex glove compatible • NSF E4 Registered GOJO Scrubbing Towels 72 Count Bucket • Use on hands, arms and surfaces - no water needed • SIMPUL™ Nozzle Technology provides consistent saturation from the first towel to the last Heavy Duty Bucket Bracket for 6396-06 Scrubbing Towels 72 Count Bucket • Provides convenient access to GOJO® Scrubbing Towels • Easily fastens to walls or other areas April 1 to June 30, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.