Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

1690 1680T 1645 1480 1780 STK-20015 MAY-60005 SGT-18000 DTF-DF-900DX DTF-DF-SPR67 DTF-DF-15DX DTF-DF-1690 DTF-DF-1680TC DTF-DF-1610TC DTF-DF-1680T DTF-DF1610T DTF-DF-1465 DTF-DF-1480 DTF-DF-900B $14. 49 $49. 49 $30. 49 $88.99 $29.99 $34.99 $27.49 $33.99 $20.75 $19.75 BODY SHOP 256 Part # Size Type 8.0mm Boron Killer Drill Bit 8.0mm TiCN Titanium carbo Nitride Spot Weld Bit, 8.0mm 10 x 45mm TICN Titanium Carbo Nitride, 10 x 45mm 8.0mm 8.0mm Titanium Spot Weld Drill Bit 8mm x 45mm 10mm Titanium Drill Bit 6.5 mm 6.5 mm Cobold Bit 8.0mm 8.0mm HSCO Spot Weld Drill Bit TOOLS FOR SPOT WELDING Spot Weld Drill Bits Original SeamBuster ™ • Separates spot welded or bonded panels • Save up to 15 minutes per panel replacement • For quarter panels, rockers and any other pinchweld • Sharpended on 2 edges. One edge allows for penetration between panels, the other edge allows for side impact to drive the panels apart without damage. Spot Annihilator Deluxe Weld Drill Kit • Comes complete with the spot annihilator, 1 in-line oiler, 1/ 10mm titanium coated and 2/ 8.0mm titanium coated drill bits 2 Pc Seam Cutting Chisel Set • Contains 11-3/4" long x 1" cut and 14-1/2" long x 1-1/4" cut chisels • Separates spot welds or bonded panels • For quarter panels, rockers and any other pinch welds 3/8" Rotary Spot Weld Cutter BODY & COLLISION REPAIR Aluspot® Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station • Everything you need for aluminum repair • Lockable system keeps tools organized, clean and safe The cart includes: • Hammers • Dollies • Pneumatic paint remover • Infrared temperature gauge • Digital heat gun • 110 Volt Alu-Spot welder • Stud pins • Pullers: Bridge, Hand T, Squeeze & Lever • Brushes • Body file + 350mm blade • Chisels • Safety glasses • Instructional CD, storage cart and dust cover Pneumatic Self-Piercing Riveter (SPR) for Aluminum Panels • Self-piercing riveter for joining aluminum panels together (up to 6.5mm). The cold forming technique requires no heat and no pre-drilled holes. • The pressure and speed controls increases accuracy and enable the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion • Kit includes: matrices (3mm SPR, 5mm SPR, Extracting, and Flow Form), 2 matrix keys, strap, HR2 arm, a sample box of a variety of steel punch rivets, and a carrying case Aluspot® Aluminum Repair Station - Basic • This product includes an aluminum specific stud welder with the ground integrated on the gun, two kinds of alu- studs, a leverage puller, a t-puller, metal bar for crease pulling, 2 kinds of brushes with metal bristles, stud cut pliers, a mobile storage cart with electrical power strip, a consumable storage case, twist-on eyelets, and safety glasses July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.