Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

TAW MAW AW SAW OHJ SOHJ AET-MAW AET-AW AET-SAW AET-TAW AET-OHJ AET-SOHJ AET-ERK AET-OHJS4 AET-AMSC AET-RCMM AET-RCBM AET-ASL AET-FACOS $165. 99 $88. 99 $364. 99 $33.49 $38.99 $44.49 $49.99 $38. 99 $44. 49 $38. 99 $27.99 $34.99 $63. 99 LOCK-OUT TOOLS 253 Part # Description One-Hand Jack Super One-Hand Jack Part # Description Mini Starter AirJack ® Regular AirJack ® Super AirJack ® Twin AirJack ® LOCK-OUT TOOLS & ACCESSORIES Emergency Response Kit • Super Air Jack (#SAW) • One-Hand Jack (#OHJ) • Super One-Hand Jack (#SOHJ) • Glassman (#GM2) • Wonder Shield (#WS) • Button Master (#RCBM) • Snap N Lock 2-piece long reach tool (#SNL) • Flex Max long reach tool (#FM) • Quick DVD and Quick Manual • Heavy duty carrying case (#SC1) One Hand Jack Set • One-Hand Jack (#OHJ) • Regular Air Jack Air Wedge (#AW) • Button Strip Tool (#BS) • Quick Max Long Reach Tool (#QM) • Quick DVD and Quick Manual • Heavy duty carrying case (#SCS) AirJack ® Super Combo Kit • Includes all the tools you need to quickly unlock car doors • Includes: 31 in-the-door tools, complete long- reach kit, manual with thousands of photos and illustrations, DVD 48" Long Mega Master •Grabs door handles or pulls keysout from the ignition, seat orfloor of the vehicle Button Master • Grabs any exposed button, even small round smooth ones • It has a loop with a rubber sleeve around the cable for gripping the button One-Hand Jacks • Just insert the tool between the door and the frame to create space for the AirJack ® and the Long Reach Tools • Rubber pivot provides leverage to create the space needed without damage to the vehicle 24 LED Smart Light • Mirror surface reflects light and illuminates virtually the entire inside of the vehicle • 4 suction cups • Uses regular batteries Fast Access Car Opening Set • Includes all the the basic tools and accessories needed to open any vehicle quickly, easily, and without damage • Flex Max long reach tool (#FM) • Regular Air Jack Air Wedge (#AW) • One-Hand Jack (#OHJ) • Strip Tool (#57) • Extra Long Reach Tool Tips • Quick Instructional Manual & DVD July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.