Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

MT51 MT76 SOD-PT220 SOD-PT500 WEL-ML200 PWP-PPBT PWP-PPMTKIT-01 SOD-PT-210TCR MRA-MT51 MRA-MT76 DTF-DF-601A OTC-3386 GDL-32-030 PWP-PNSK012S VCT-1423-1108 MRA-MT70 $71. 99 $69. 99 $31. 99 $60. 99 $4. 19 $6. 79 $95. 99 $70. 99 $28. 99 $48. 99 $59. 99 $101. 99 $143. 99 $22. 99 WELDING EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES 249 TORCHES Professional Piezo Ignition Butane Torch • 2400°F (1300°C) torch • 120 minutes burn time per fill • Adjustable air and gas flow control valves • Brass body, rubber comfort grip Heavy Duty Automatic Waterproof Piezo Ignition Butane Torch • 2400°F (1300°C) torch • 120 minutes burn time per fill • Separate controls for fuel and air • Aluminum ribbed body, comfort grip Magna-Lite Butane Table Top Torch • Piezo electronic ignition system for reliable ignition every time • Adjustable flame height • Up to 60 minutes continuous use controls flame temperature up to 2,400 F Power Probe Butane Torch • Electronic Instant Ignition System • Efficient, Hand-Held OR Free Standard design • 45gms Refillable "Metal" Fuel Tank • Powerful, Bigger and Adjustable flame, with safety lock Micro Torch Kit • 120 Watt, 580 BTU • Max. temp. of 2500° F (Torch mode) • Max. temp. of 950° F (Soldering mode) 3-in-1 Butane Pro-Torch • 3 modes: torch, soldering iron, hot blower • 1300°C (2400°F) • Piezo electronic ignition Master Microtorch ® • Built-in self-igniting system with gas shut-off safety lock • Durable self-contained, refillable plastic fuel tank • Wide, stable base is perfect for hands-free use Self-Igniting TriggerTorch™ • Includes soldering iron and heat tip • “Hands-free” slide lock for continuous use & instant off switch • Ergonomic handle ensures a non-slip grip • Incorporates “trigger” switch with “pulldown” lock to meet (CPSC) Child Safety Requirements SURGE PROTECTORS Surge Protector 12V Antizap ® Auto Surge Protector 12V/24V Antizap ® Surge Protector Solder Tin • Circuit Safe Rosin Core for Soldering and electrical repairs. • 60/40 tin to lead ratio • Designed for use in any soldering application • Low Melting Point: 190ºC • Powered by Vehicle Battery Acid Flux Core Solder, 40/60, 1/8” x 1/4lb • Is used for non-electrical applications. Applications include, Sheet Metal joint and fitting connections, works well on many types of metals (Copper, Brass, Nickel and Galvanized Steel). Mini-Triggertorch • Gas adjustment wheel provides adjustable, long blue torch flame with temperatures up to 2,500°F/1300°C • Self-igniting piezo electric ignition is easy to start and eliminates the need for lighter or matches • Incorporates “trigger” switch with “pulldown” lock to meet Consumer. Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Child Safety Requirements July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.