1690 1680T 1645 1480 1780 DTF-DF-900DX DTF-DF-SPR67 DTF-DF-15DX DTF-DF-1690 DTF-DF-1680TC DTF-DF-1610TC DTF-DF-1680T DTF-DF1610T DTF-DF-1465 DTF-DF-1480 DTF-DF-900B UNI-9802 DTF-DF-SPR/BRAD $529. 99 $7,499. 00 $90.99 $30.49 $34.49 $27.99 $34.49 $21.49 $20.25 $1,549. 99 $6,349. 00 $4,249. 00 $62.60 36 months FINANCE FORONLY $256.44 36 months FINANCE FORONLY $302.88 36 months FINANCE FOR ONLY $171.62 36 months FINANCE FORONLY BODY SHOP 250 Part # Size Type 8.0mm Boron Killer Drill Bit 8.0mm TiCN Titanium carbo Nitride Spot Weld Bit, 8.0mm 10 x 45mm TICN Titanium Carbo Nitride, 10 x 45mm 8.0mm 8.0mm Titanium Spot Weld Drill Bit 8mm x 45mm 10mm Titanium Drill Bit 6.5 mm 6.5 mm Cobold Bit 8.0mm 8.0mm HSCO Spot Weld Drill Bit TOOLS FOR SPOT WELDING Spot Weld Drill Bits Spot Annihilator Deluxe Weld Drill Kit • Comes complete with the spot annihilator, 1 in-line oiler, 1/ 10mm titanium coated and 2/ 8.0mm titanium coated drill bits BODY & COLLISION REPAIR Aluspot® Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station • Everything you need for aluminum repair • Lockable system keeps tools organized, clean and safe The cart includes: • Hammers • Dollies • Pneumatic paint remover • Infrared temperature gauge • Digital heat gun • 110 Volt Alu-Spot welder • Stud pins • Pullers: Bridge, Hand T, Squeeze & Lever • Brushes • Body file + 350mm blade • Chisels • Safety glasses • Instructional CD, storage cart and dust cover Pneumatic Self-Piercing Riveter (SPR) for Aluminum Panels • Self-piercing riveter for joining aluminum panels together (up to 6.5mm). The cold forming technique requires no heat and no pre-drilled holes. • The pressure and speed controls increases accuracy and enable the rivets to be inserted without panel distortion • Kit includes: matrices (3mm SPR, 5mm SPR, Extracting, and Flow Form), 2 matrix keys, strap, HR2 arm, a sample box of a variety of steel punch rivets, and a carrying case Aluspot® Aluminum Repair Station - Basic • This product includes an aluminum specific stud welder with the ground integrated on the gun, two kinds of alu- studs, a leverage puller, a t-puller, metal bar for crease pulling, 2 kinds of brushes with metal bristles, stud cut pliers, a mobile storage cart with electrical power strip, a consumable storage case, twist-on eyelets, and safety glasses Dual-Pro 2.0 Aluminum & Steel Repair System • Professional Dual pulling system for aluminum and steel panels with premium output power and digital control for ease of use and quick repairs • Select ALUMINUM or STEEL mode and set operator adjustments • System comes with Aluminum CD-gun and steel torch, 4mm & 6mm AL collets & studs, 4 spot tips for studs, wire, tabs or shrink rod and connects directly to slide-hammer for “Touch & Pull” operation with exclusive weld-tips • Package includes power supply with extended torches & ground cables, 2 AL-tips and 5 steel-tips, powered slide hammer with T-handle and hook, studs, tabs, wire and rods Blind Rivet Adapter • Compatible with the SPR Riveter (DF-SPR67) and Push Pull Riveter (DF-SPR69) • A flexible neck, allows for the tool to be positioned into hard to reach areas 2019 Twice Awarded TOP PRODUCT January 1 to March 31, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.