HeavyDuty Q2 2020

IPA-9070A IPA-9072A ATD-5080 ATD-5019 MKP-727090 OTC-5025 THX-108 LNI-617 MPS-307000 ATD-3325 $1,149. 99 $125. 99 $111. 99 $19. 99 $129. 99 $62. 99 $213. 99 $91. 99 $83. 99 $46.45 36 months FINANCE FOR ONLY April 1 to June 30, 2020 FUEL & DIESEL INJECTION SERVICE 211 DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID TESTERS Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Refractometer Kit • For use with heavy duty, Class 7-8 trucks with SCR-equipped engines • Measures the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) concentration Scale: • 0.5% line graduations • 32.5% indicated • Scale 15-40% • Waterline & 20° C DEF-Chek ® Tester • Checks diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) • Floating discs display urea percentage • Fors cars, SUV’s and trucks that use DEF (2010 & newer) DEF/Multi-Refractometer 4 scales in one tester: • DEF • Radiator coolant • Windshield washer fluid • Battery acid 4 in 1 Tester DEF TRANSFER SYSTEMS 1.5L DEF (Disel Exhaust Fluid) Extractor/Dispenser • Ideal for evacuating or topping off DEF reservoirs • Integrated valve and cap to prevent spills and leaks • Dual seal piston DIESEL OXYDATION CATALYST SERVICE Diesel Engine Aftertreatment Service Kit • Compatible with all makes and models of diesel engine aftertreatment systems • The Aftertreatment Service Kit is used as part of a cleaning routine to remove particulates and soot that impede or obstruct the honeycomb filter within the front face of the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) • This kit will change the way service technicians manage the removal of soot and other particulate matter that builds up on the face of the DOC • While diesel particulate matter build-up can prevent regeneration of the Aftertreatment System, air cleaning the DOC reduces Aftertreatment exhaust back pressure and enables the technician to safely run a Parked Regeneration • A source of compressed air and a shop vacuum equipped with a 2.5" diameter hose (and a dust bag to capture soot removed from the DOC) are also required (not included with kit) Vacuum Air Flow Vacuum Air Flow Blow Gun Assembly Blow Gun Assembly DOC Style A DOC Style B 6 inch Adapter 13 inch Adapter Vacuum Vacuum Engine Air Flow Engine Air Flow 13" Adapter 6"Adapter Plastic Rotary Chemical Pump • Suitable for use with water based media, antifreeze, gasoline, acids, chemicals and all petroleum based products • Fits 15-55 gallon drums • Approved for use with DEF DEF/COOLANT REFRACTOMETER Features: • 3-in-1 tool combines coolant, battery, and DEF scales all in one • Focusing eye piece for clear readings and comfort of use • Automatic temperature compensation • Reads both Ethylene and Propylene Glycol based coolants DEF Transfer System w/ Automatic Shutoff Nozzle (120V AC) • The #9070A DEF Transfer System with Automatic Shutoff Nozzle is a professional and complete turnkey solution, powered by an innovative and durable 9 GPM 120V/AC pump. • The kit includes a highly accurate digital flow meter, automatic shutoff transfer nozzle, 6’ intake hose and 8’ output hose with corrosion-resistant fittings. • Highly accurate flow meter for precise measurement • Corrosion-resistant fittings • Conveniently mounts to DEF tote containers Plastic Lever Action Barrel Pump • Lever Action Barrel pump, designed for use with DEF, high viscosity oils, agricultural chemicals, etc. • Built-in 2" bung adapter • Complete with suction tube for 15-55 gal drums 12V DC DEF Transfer System (Automatic Shut-off) • The #9072 DEF Transfer System is a complete turnkey solution, powered by an innovative and durable 6 GPM 12V DC pump for transferring DEF. • The kit includes a automatic shut-off transfer nozzle and intake and output hose with corrosion- resistant fittings. • High-flow automatic shut-off transfer nozzle • Corrosion-resistant fittings • Battery-powered Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.