Heavy Duty Plus Q4 2019

ATD-5400 ATD-5402 ATD-5410 OTC-6918 SGT-23970 SGT-23920 SGT-23900 KDT-2756D LIS-20700 LIS-19380 CTA-7990 $354. 99 $79. 99 $247. 99 $113. 99 $22. 25 $10. 39 $10. 29 $10. 29 $9. 29 $21. 25 $60. 99 ENGINE SERVICE 204 SPARK PLUG SERVICE TOOLS Ford Triton Spark Plug Extractor • Works to extract frozen and broken-off spark plug sleeves in 2004 to present Ford Triton engines Ford Triton Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit • For use on three valve 4.6 L, 5.4 L and 6.8 L engines found in many 2004–2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury • The spark plug tends to break off in the cylinder head during maintenance • Repair those damaged threads or blowouts in 30 minutes or less per cylinder Ford Spark Plug Remover Kit, Triton 3V • Unique design helps prevent breakage by locking the plug porcelain core to the plug hex allowing it to turn as one complete unit. • Will also pull plug porcelain core if plug hex only is removed. • Works on three valve 4.6 L, 5.4 L and 6.8 Lengines found in many 2004–2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Ford Spark Plug Insert Installer • For use in repairing Ford Triton engines from 1996-2003 • This kit is used to repair damaged heads from blown spark plugs with an alloy steel insert • This kit cuts repair time from about 10 hours down to 45 minutes! • Kit includes (4) alloy steel inserts • Comes in a molded storage case Spark Tester • Tests spark plugs, spark plug wires and coils without puncturing the wire. • With the engine running, place the grooved end of the tool over the plug wire. • The bulb will flash to indicate spark. • Provides an easy way to check ignition systems with coil-on plugs In-Line Spark Checker Kit for Recessed Plugs • For virtually all domestic and imported cars, SUV’s and trucks • Tests newer vehicles with recessed spark plugs • Provides information not available with OBD II code reading devices: pinpoints if there is a spark plug, plug wire, mechanical, fuel injection or electrical problem 90° Boot, In-Line Ignition Spark Checker In-Line Ignition Spark Plug Checker Ignition Tester Calibrated for HEI Ignitions Coil-on-Plug Spark Tester 4Pc Ignition Coil Puller Kit • 4 Pc. Ignition coil puller kit removal tools prevent coil damage caused by home-made removal methods and prevent injury to hand in tight quarters. • Different design puller heads fit many VW/Audi coil configurations • Compare to VW/Audi Factory Tools: T10094A, T10095A, T10166 & T40039 October 1 to December 31, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.