Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2019

AST-7865 AST-7897 ATD-8700 MKP-432910 TGR-90150 ATD-8701 AST-78100 AST-78620 CTA-8881 $117. 99 $199. 99 $11. 99 $113. 99 ☎ $14. 19 $115. 99 $28. 99 $68. 99 FRONT-END & SUSPENSION 191 BALL JOINT SERVICE Ball Joint Service Tool with 4-Wheel Drive Adapters • For removal and installation of press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joint and truck brake anchor pins. Ball Joint Service Tool and Master Adapter Set • Works on upper and lower ball joints on most GM, Ford and Dodge 2 and 4 wheel drive pickups. Ball Joint Separator Place this tool between the ball joint and the steering knuckle and give a few sharp blows with a hammer, these parts separate easily. Handles most ball joints. Opening is 15/16” SUSPENSION SERVICE TOOLS KINGPIN SERVICE Suspension Wear Indicator • Allows for the inspection of moving parts in the lower suspension of a vehicle on any surface ​• Provides a safe and effective replacement for an assortment of pry bars, cheater pipes, wedges and other tools that are commonly used in an attempt to identify worn suspension parts • Strut bushings and bearings, link pin bushings, wheel bearings, CV axles, ball joints, tie-rod ends, steering rack mounts, torsion bar bushings and control arm bushings all can be checked for wear, play or looseness with this tool • It allows the user to positively see, feel or hear a problem while performing suspension diagnostics Heavy Duty King Pin Press • Removes king pins in minutes • Generates 46,000 lbs of force • For use on straight and tapered king pins from 7/8" to 2-5/32" • Isuzu NPR and GMC/Chevrolet W-series trucks require a custom adapter (#90150-15) • Not compatible with FL981 axles • Ship weight: 30 lbs Tools Tie Rod Separator Drop Forged. Alloy heat treated steel. Opening is 5/8” Goliath Ball Joint XL C-Frame Press • Large ball joint press for max clearance and easier use of tall and stacked adapters • Includes both long and short drive screws to maintain a shorter overall working length • Features 3X the throat space and includes a notched foot • 9.1" throat, 11.9" length Subaru Ball Joint Puller • For difficult to remove, seized, rusted and/or corroded bolt-in Subaru ball joints • Designed for use with a deep 24mm socket and impact wrench • Unique sliding pin non-rotating design removes ball joints in a single pulling motion • For Subaru Baja 2003+, Forester 1998+, Impreza 1993+, Legacy 1990+, Outback 2000+ and more Subaru Ball Joint Puller • Removes the front suspension ball joints quickly, safely and efficiently without damage • 19mm (3/4") hexagon drive spindle can be turned with a wrench or impact wrench • 41mm hex on the main socket body is for holding in place while servicing • Applicable for: Impreza (1993-2014), Forester (1998- 2015), Legacy (1994-2014), Outback (1994-2014), Baja (2003-2006), and Saab 9-2X (2005-2006) July 1 to September 30, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.