FOW-74-150-004 FOW-74-150-020 OTC-6596 CEN-3M430A ATD-8660A FOW-74-150-005 FOW-74-150-050 LIS-81850 CEN-3M336 KDT-3962 CEN-3B631 $127. 99 $217. 99 $29. 49 $55. 99 $83. 99 $93. 99 $239. 99 $22. 49 $133. 99 $22. 25 $269. 99 BRAKE & MEASURING TOOLS 185 BRAKE SERVICE MEASURING TOOLS Digital Rotor Gauge 0-5.5" • Improved design for easier measurement of brake rotors • Depth rod for measuring pad wear • Pointed anvils and 3.50" longs arms to inspect rotors before turning or replacing them • Improved anvil and arm design • Digital display with inch/metric conversion • 0-4.00"/0-100mm range with .001"/.01mm graduations • Uses an SR44/357 battery Electronic Rotor Gauge with Twin Conical Anvils • Direct inch/metric/fractional conversion • 3.5" jaw depth • Range: 0-5.5"/140mm • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm/1/64ths • Conical anvils measure scored surfaces on both sides of the rotor Electronic Inch/Metric Rotor Gauge • Depth rod for measuring pad wear • Pointed anvils and 3.5" long arms to inspect rotors before turning or replacing them • Range: 0 to 4" (0 to 100mm) • Graduations: 0.001" Brake Pad Measurement Gauge • Quick color reference or accurate millimeter measurement of remaining brake pad • Unique design allows for measurement on the vehicle without the removal of wheel assembly or brake caliper • A minimum gap of 3.5mm is needed between brake caliper and pad for tool to be inserted EZ-Drum Electronic Brake Drum Gauge • Direct inch/metric/fractional conversion • Range: 4"-20"/100-500mm • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm • Extra-long jaws with depth marking and threaded holes for depth stop locations at 1" and 1.5" • 4" preset without the need for a master for internal measurements • Zero setting and reversible contact points for external measurements • Hold function Electronic Rotor Gauge • Measures most rotors while the wheels are still mounted on the vehicle • Reads inch, metric and fraction • Range: 0-3.25"/0-82.5mm • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm/1/64ths • Dust, water and oil resistant “Wheels On” EZ-Drum Reach Electronic Brake Drum Gauge • Inch/Metric/Fraction conversion • Range: 4"-20"/100-500mm (internal measurments) • Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm/1/64ths increments • Accuracy: 0.005"/0.13mm • The included 4" setting master and 4" drum preset (101.6mm) ensures accurate internal measurements Setting Master Combination Brake Lining Thickness Gauge Set • The 9 Pc. Manual Brake Gauge Set allows brake pad wear to be accurately and consistently measured without guessing • Designed to check both straight on or at a 90° angle to the rotor • The gauges are color coded to match SAE or Metric recommendations for brake pad replacement Wheels on Rotor Gauge • Measures the rotor without removing the wheel to pre-qualify brake jobs • Digital read- out with push button inch/metric conversions • Range is 0-3.5 inches/.01 millimeter • Graduations are .001 inches/.01 millimeter Brake Lining Thickness Gauge • For quick inspection of brake linings • Color coded brake gauge identifies thickness levels for lining inspection. Wheels on Trailer Drum Gage • Includes two pointed anvils for checking grooves, and an 18" range accommodates most vehicles • A large digital display is designed for easy reading and helps prevent measurement errors January 1 to March 31, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.