LNG-615 OTC-6007 OTC-7503 OTC-7314A SLY-11880 OTC-6295 SLY-14900 OTC-7832 STK-71470 AST-7802 KDT-41610 $324. 99 $84. 99 $19. 75 $82. 99 $46. 49 $309. 99 $161. 99 $157. 99 $35. 99 $44. 49 $46. 99 FRONT-END & SUSPENSION 181 Front End Service Set • This kit includes five popular tools used for servicing Pitman arms, ball joints, and tie rods on most vehicles • Set includes: • Two Pitman Arm Pullers for large or small ball joint applications • Two Ball Joint Separators • Three different Tie Rod Pullers Sheppard Pitman Arm Remover • Forged Alloy Steel To Remove The Pitman Arm From Sheppard Steering Boxes • Ball Bearing Tip To Protect The Sector Shaft • Designed With A Fine Thread Pitch For Reduced Effort During Service • Removable Nut Attachment For Use On Short And Long Sector Shafts Tie Rod Wrench • For adjusting tie rods on vehicles with rack and pinion steering • Works on most spline, hex, and two flat design tie rods • Spring-loaded upper jaw pivots to accommodate tie rods ranging in size from 10mm–18mm • Wrench is self-adjusting • Cam action increases the gripping pressure as the load applied to the handle increases • Heat-treated for durability CONTROL ARM SERVICE Lower Control Arm Triple Action Tool Lower Control Arm Prying Tool Installing a ball joint on a lower control arm typically requires the effort of two people. However, with this tool and our No. 7420 or 7421 pry bar – or any 7/8" diameter pry bar – it’s a one-person job. No. 6007 – Lower control arm prying tool. TIE ROD SERVICE TOOLS Outer Tie Rod Remover Pitman Arm Puller Large Pitman Arm Remover • For removing large Pitman arms on 3/4 to 1 ton pickup trucks • Applications: Ford F250/350, Dodge 2500/3500, Chevrolet/GMC 2500/3500 GM Torsion Bar Unload • Required to safely release the tension on the front suspension torsion bar to service the front suspension. • Larger design to cover the newer GM truck applications. • Application: 2011 & newer HD C/K trucks. Tie Rod Coupler • Tough alloy steel coupler with dual I-bolt set screws provide a quick temporary steering repair for vehicles with a broken tie rod. • Tie Rod Coupler I-bolt set screws secures the coupler to the broken tie rod by hand tightening and/or locking down the set screws by using a small leverage bar • The temporary steering fix saves the tow driver up to 15 minutes by ensuring the driver’s ability to center and properly secure the vehicle on the roll back bed as well as maneuvering the vehicle around the lot to the frame bench or repair bay Tie Rod/Pitman Arm Adjusting Tool Set • 1 pc Pitman arm tool • 4 pc Tie rod tools • Special tool designfacilites 360º rotationof adjusting sleeve in tight areas • Accommodates 1/2” drive ratchet or breaker bar Pneumatic Tie Rod / Ball Joint Separator Kit • Works with Hand and Pneumatic Air systems to remove Tie Rods, Ball Joint and Pitman Arm assemblies • Includes most popular sizes 1-1/8, 15/16 and 11/16 January 1 to March 31, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.