HeavyDuty Q3

433502-M MKP-433502-M MKP-433501 ATD-5135 ATD-5136 OTC-8342 3M-7545 LIS-19860 GRY-1470R KDT-3358 LIS-15190 AST-9507 MKP-437001 MKP-433507 KTL-29999 ATD-8564 3M-21758 3M-21713 $25. 99 $45.99 $78.99 $24. 45 $44. 99 $40. 49 $17. 49 $11. 39 $19. 75 $22. 49 $11. 39 $75. 99 $26. 99 $12. 39 $29. 99 $39. 87 $2. 84 WHEEL & TIRE SERVICE 172 Part # Description • 6-3/8" Wheel Hub Grinder Disc • 1 holder • 6-3/8" Spare Discs, Pack of 3 HUB & STUD RESURFACING TOOLS Hub Cleaning/Resurfacing Kit • Use on wheel hubs, brake rotors/drums and wheel mounting surfaces • Quickly removes rust, scale and corrosion in seconds • Provides clean mating surfaces for proper wheeltorque, balance and alignment • For use with an ?” Dr. impact – air or electric • Long-lasting, heavy-duty abrasive pad 6-PC. Hub Cleaning & Resurfacing Pads • Long-lasting, heavy-duty abrasive pads for ATD-5135 Hub Cleaning and Resurfacing Kit • Easy installation with just a quick turn Scotch-Brite ™ Roloc ™ Brake Hub Cleaning Disc Kit • Contains 3M™ Brake Hub Cleaning Disc Holder and (5) Scotch-Brite ™ Roloc ™ Brake Hub Cleaning Discs 3M™ Screw-On Type Brake Hub Cleaning Disc Holder • 1-1/2" x 5/8" Scotch-Brite™ Roloc ™ Brake Hub Cleaning Disc • Extra coarse • 1-1/2" x 5/8" Brake Hub Resurfacing Kit • Fits your power drill to quickly sand rust off lug studs and rotors on the hub assembly. • For most domestic and import vehicles with either front or rear disc brakes. • Includes holder and five sanding discs. • Run at speeds of 10,000 rpm or less for best results. Wheel Hub Grinder 2-PC. Carbide Scraper Set • Easily removes gasket material and sealers from cast iron, steel and aluminum engine parts • Perfect for removing stubborn carbon build-up, rust and scale • 6" handle, perfect for getting in tight areas VALVE & TPMS SERVICE TOOLS Tire Deflator Set for TPMS Valve Stems • Quickly evacuates air from tires without removing the valve core WHEEL WEIGHT TOOLS Hand Drive Wheel Weight Hammer • An economical wheel weight tool for regular (uncoated) wheel weights • Installs, removes and trims clip-on wheel weights Wheel Weight Balance Hammer Pliers • 7 -In-1 Design • Hidden Spring Mechanism • Made from Precision Forged CR-V Wheel Weight Tool • Removes, trims and installs clip-on wheel weights • Plastic-type material on the hammer head for safe, mar-free installation of specially coated wheel weights used on alloy wheels 5.7" Long Valve Core Tool • For removing and installing standard valve cores Valve Core Tool with Valve Core Holder • For removing and installing valve cores • The tool will retain the core once removed • One handed operation Inner Rim Cleaner • Provides optimal cleaning of the inner wheel contact surface • Prevents corrosion related distortion of wheel bolt tightening torque • Use on the inside of an aluminum rim, prior to wheel balancing • Optimized for the latest wheel rims with an enlarged diameter of 75mm ValveCapper ® Pro • Makes it easier to check the inside dual tire • No more moving your rig to position valve stems just to get to the caps • No more dropped caps - holds onto caps for removing and replacing • At 11-3/4 inches it has enough reach to get the job done April 1 to June 30, 2020 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.