Heavy Duty Plus Q4 2019

519156 6043 4521 SRR-HC102 LIS-64100 PWP-TEMPKIT LNG-13800 LIS-39200 LIS-62200 OTC-4521 OTC-6043 OTC-519156 ATD-3306 LIS-17370 LNG-854 LNG-13801 SGT-13800 $73. 99 $42. 99 $31. 99 $19. 99 $8. 39 $9. 39 $8.59 $75.99 $33.99 $73. 99 $61. 99 $50. 99 $41. 99 $10. 19 COLD WEATHER 17 HEATER HOSE TOOLS HEATER SYSTEM TOOLS Positive Seal Hose Clamp Kit • Superior 360° sealing forfuel, A/C, and coolant lines • Features durable CP360 Seal Clamp Pliers with protective grip handle • Includes 100 positive seal clamps with permanent, no leak seal Actuator Motor Wrench Set • Toothless, infinite ratchet and hinged handle design make it easier to remove and replace fasteners on small, electric HVAC motors • The ratchet can be flipped to switch from clockwise to counterclockwise drive • Includes 8mm socket and 1/4" square drive adapter for use with 1/4" sockets and bit holders Temperature Kit • Dual-zone digital thermometer with a wireless remote temperature sensor • The remote sensor can transmit up to 60m (195 ft.) away from base unit • Use moveable clip to attach remote toair vents or grilles to monitor outlet temps • Operating environment: -4°F to 158°F(-20°C to 70°C) Digital Thermometer • Large display for easy viewing • Folding probe allows for easy temperature measurement in vents • Magnetized backing for hands-free operation • -58° F to 572° F range for automotive applications Heater Hose Disconnect for Ford 2.0L • Disconnects the Heater Hose Fittings on 2012- 2016 Ford Focus 2.0L and 2013-2016 Ford Escape 2.0L EcoBoost® • Tool engages the tabs and provides a better grip on the fitting Heater Hose Coupler Remover • Removes broken heater hose couplers • Drive the tool into the broken coupler • The splines cut their way into the coupler, allowing you to turn it out with a 5/8” socket or wrench Part # Description Hose Removal Tool Blast-Vac Multipurpose Cleaning Gun Ford Heater Hose Disconnect Tool Set OTC Products Cooling System Refill & Purge Kit • Uses shop air to quickly purge and refill entire cooling system • Eliminates need for bleeding & purging system to eliminate air pockets • Universal adapter for use on most car & light truck radiators Degree Long Hose Clamp Pliers • Cross-cut tip design grips most hose clamps from multiple angles. Ratcheting lock mechanism holds the clamp in an open position for hands-free use. • Dual material grips for comfort. 2 Pc. Heavy Duty Hose Removal / Installer Set • Includes straight and bent profile • Rounded profile reduces gouging / puncturing of hoses and mating connector - especially aluminum or brass • For use on various hoses – radiator, heater, turbo, intake ducting IP54 Infrared Thermometer • Dual lasers for accurate identification of target • 12:1 Distance to Spot ratio • Broad temperature range -76°to 1,022°F • Real-Time Max Capture and last reading recall • Min/Max Average and Lock features, High and Low Alarm Extra Long Hooker • Great for removal of radiator hoses from inlets, outlets and clamps • Use on body clips, moldings, windshield seals & O-rings • 4-7/8" Long Blade October 1 to December 31, 2019 Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.