Express Lane Q1 2018

January-March 2018 MWK-2646-20 IRC-105-D2 Powerlight Rescue All-in-One Device: Lighting, Jump-Starting, Power Supply • 480 Lumen LED Work Light • 60 Lumen Focus Beam • 400 Peak Amp Jump Starter • Dual USB Outlets • Emergency Hazard Flare SRR-PFT409 $433.50 Pistol Grip Flaring Tool Delivers 6,000 PSI of Powerful Crimping Pressure SABER ® Special Edition 2-Pack Top Selling SABER Lights in One Kit ATD-80500 $93.50 • COB LED Tube Light with Top Light: 500 lumens on high, 250 lumens on low • Folding Mini Thin Light with Top Light: 120 lumens and up to 3 hours of run time • Includes versatile 3-in-1 charging system M18 FUEL ™ 3Pc Auto Kit w/ FREE M18 FUEL ™ Grease Gun Delivers Unmatched Power, Run-Time and Durability MWK-2996-23G $883.50 KKC-LNC7480 $149.99 • 1/2” High Torque Impact Wrench delivers 1,400 ft-lbs. of nut-busting torque • 3/8” Impact Wrench delivers 210 ft-lbs. of fastening torque • LED Work Light features 135 ° rotating head • Magnetic yoke holds dies securely in place to avoid dropping the dies or misaligning the tubing • The two pieces swivel together providing optimum control and positioning for on-vehicle flaring $289 VALUE! $143 VALUE! 1/2" Impactool w/ FREE 1/4" Ratchet 1,350 ft-lbs. of Nut-Busting Torque IRC-2235TIMAX-R $474.99 • Powerful, durable and reliable so it delivers every time you need REAL WORK done right • At only 4.6 lbs., no other impact wrench can match its combined power and weight • 2 Year Warranty ADV-Q1EL2018