AutoSource Today Q1 2019

ULL-DM-1 MAY-17945 MAY-67019 ADS-ADASCOMPLETE ADS-MSADAS ADS-ADASFRAMESP ADS-LDWPACKAGE SOL-4745 ACA-1058-VXL ACA-1178-VXL ACA-1778-VXL $99. 99 $44. 99 $168. 59 $334. 69 $299.99 $419.99 $509.99 January 1 to March 31, 2019 2 NEW PRODUCTS NEW PRODUCTS SPOTLIGHT Rechargable LED Multi Tool • Detachable 13 in 1 multi tool • Long nose plier • Bent nose plier • Wire cutter • Knife blade • Rope cutter • Hammer • Bits & holder • Screw bits (4 pieces: 3/16 slotted, No. 1 Phillips (P1), 3/32|2.5mm hex, T15 Torx) • LED light • Easy and safe opening & closing mechanism • Nylon pouch for durable storage while carrying • Runtime: 1.5 hrs. 8 Lumens MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Tablet MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Frame Standard Package • Frame Only MaxiSYS ADAS LDW Calibration Package w/ LDW Targets • Includes: Target board holder for calibration frame mounting • Passive Feature (Alert for Potential Problem): Lane departure warning • Active Feature (Avoid Collision by Control): Lane keeping assist VIBROTHERM DRIVE™ Impact Wrench • Low Vibration - Low Noise - 50% More life • Reduces vibration levels by between 30%-40% • 3 year warranty 1058-VXL 1178-VXL Calibration Frame not included, see below packages. Digital Inspection Mirror • 720P camera with LED Illumination • Smart phone enabled with compatible mobile application for Android and IOS • Rechargeable via Micro USB port with a 30 minute run time Auto Scan Diagnostics Graphic Instructions All System Modules To Pinpoint Needed ADAS Calibration OE Level Calibration ProceduresWith Advanced Coverage FasterANDROID 4.4.2 OS / Larger 64G Memory/ Powerful Hexa-Core Processor MaxiSYS ADAS Complete Calibration Package • Includes: Complete ADAS Calibration Package • Passive Features (Alert for Potential Problem): Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, rear collision warning, blind spot detection, around view monitoring, night vision system • Active Features (Avoid Collision by Control): Lane keeping assist, automatic emergency breaking, automatic parking, blind spot intervention, pedestrian protection system, adaptive front lighting 19 Pc. Brass Punch & Scraper Kit • Non-marring, non-sparking • Smooth polished finish • Double knurled body for ease of use • Made in the USA Tablet not included, order separately. Tablet not included, order separately. Part # Drive Max Torque Length Weight 1/2" 550 ft-lbs 4.4" 2.5 lbs 1/2" 1300 ft-lbs 6.4" 4.5 lbs 3/4" 1700 ft-lbs 7.4" 7.4 lbs 12/24V 4020/2/230A Wheel Charger with Engine Start • Automatic Operation • 40/20/2A 12V charge rate • 20/2A 24V charge rate • 230 Amp 12V engine start • Digital Display • Full size clamps penetrate corrosion on battery terminals • Reverse polarity, over-voltage protection and shorted cell detection Due to tariff increases, pricing subject to change. Please call your local supplier for most current pricing.